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Since we are seriously counting on hitchhiking at least part of the way to Mexico, I thought it might be helpful to do a little research on the subject. Hitchhiking is illegal in certain states and not in others, and it would be good to know the rules so we can avoid getting fined or into worse trouble.

Applicable States:

- Virginia: Pedestrians shall not stand or stop in any roadway for the purpose of soliciting rides.
- North Carolina: Illegal
- Tennessee: Illegal (so is begging)
- Arkansas: Illegal
- Mississippi: Illegal
- Texas: semi-Illegal - check this site - State motto: "Don't Mess With Texas"

OK, so it appears that it is illegal to hitchhiking in basically every state in the US. The laws say something like, "No person shall stand along a road to solicit a ride from a motor vehicle."

It doesn't say that it is illegal to go to a truck stop or other rest stops to ask for rides, but only that you can't stand along a roadway. I'm going to check some of these hitchhiking discussion boards and see what people say about hitching in the US, because people apparently do it and get away with it.

Below are a list of weblinks that I found that could be helpful. Some are about hitching in the USA, but many include information for many countries throughout the world.

- Digihitch USA
- Hitchhiking the USA
- Laws on Hitchhiking the USA
- Art of Travel: Hitchhiking
- Wikit Travel: Tips for Hitchhiking
- Vilnius Hitchhiking Club
- Tedrico's Page
- Golden Rules

Posted by Dave at September 20, 2004 04:33 PM


I think that it's stupid for hitchiking being illegal. I have traveled Europe over the past summer on a back pack trip, and if I wouldn't have hitchiked I wouldn't have all the amazing storys to tell and I would have ran out of money!

Posted by: Codi at January 11, 2005 12:29 AM
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