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Dad's Reaction!
Dad's Reaction!  
It\\\'s worth the wait...seriously... Harleysville, PA
Upload Date: 12/17/2005

From: (Mon 19 Dec 2005 04:13:08 PM MST)
thanks for that clip!! it's not often we get to see that kind of reaction from our pastor!!! :)
From: david troyer (Thu 22 Dec 2005 05:29:40 PM MST)
I don't know your father, but as a fellow david I enjoy watching the video full screen.
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Towards the Ice
Towards the Ice  
Harrisonburg, VA
Upload Date: 12/17/2005

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From: Bradley (Sat 08 Aug 2015 01:32:57 AM MDT)
I stopped in to visit Lin & Janet Stutzman one morning... Harrisonburg, VA
Upload Date: 12/17/2005

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From: Mark (Thu 12 May 2016 03:46:08 AM MDT)
Mt. Clinton Pike
Mt. Clinton Pike  
Harrisonburg, VA
Upload Date: 12/17/2005

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Get ready for the surprise
Get ready for the surprise  
Half a block away from my house in Harleysville, PA. We took everything out of the trunk and stuffed it into the back seat of the car. Kristina and Kurt went into the house to get some help carrying stuff in... We were not expected to arrive in PA until Monday, a few days ahead.
Upload Date: 12/17/2005

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