Live the Journey

Through our Journey, we are...


...Traveling for one entire year, planning to circumnavigate the earth by any method of transportation available. We plan to travel as simply as possible by careful planning and research, adopting a backpacking lifestyle, spending time in the outdoors, and visiting and serving many friends within the international community.



...Willing to be available to the needs of the humanity, serving everywhere we go in a variety of roles to match the multitude of needs present in the world today. We hope to serve through a lifestyle of integrity, through the fruit of our actions, through our dreams, and through the example of our journey.



...Traveling with purpose, specifically seeking to live a style of journey that answers the calling Christ presents to all disciples (Mark 6:7-8). We desire to experiment with a lifestyle that we feel is humble, life-giving, and contagious, and will help others understand our calling & motivations. We hope to engage in a diversity of relationships with others to illuminate a deeper understanding of how our experience is interconnected to the journeys of many others in different contexts: on personal levels, within local communities, and throughout the entire world.




David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004