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World Route:

Central America | South America | Middle East | Europe | Asia | South Pacific

Beginnings... (October 3-10)

  • Harrisonburg, VA (October 3-11 )
  • Travel to Mexico (October 11-15) - Driving to the border, hitchhiking, etc.
We left from Harrisonburg, VA from EMU's homecoming weekend October 8-10. We caught a ride with Josh Miller towards Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Mexico &
Central America
(October 15-December 11)

We got a bus directly to Mexico City from the Texas border. We traveled south by land (public transportation)through Mexico for about two weeks, and then through Central America for most of the month of November until we reached Panama, where we flew to Bogota, Colombia.

South America (December 11 - February 1)

Our route in South America will travel southbound on the west side of the continent, around Cape Horn, and then back up the east side to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a large amount of contacts in Latin America and there are many opportunities for service and outdoor adventure.

Middle East (February 1 - Early April)

  • Amman, Jordan (Febrary 2-7)
  • Hiking the Israel Trail (Febrary 11 - March 9)
  • Travel/Volunteering (March 9 - April 5)

We flew from South America (Montevideo, Uruguay) to the Middle East (Amman. Jordan) on February 1. We traveled via land to Israel, and hiked the Israel National Trail from Eilat to Tel Dan. We also spent another month visiting and volunteering with organizations in Israel and Palestine, traveling with Alethia Bailey and Laura Helmuth.

Mediterranean (April 5 - Early May)

In early April, we became members of the crew on Sailing Acts, and travel via sailboat through the Mediterranean Sea to Kusadasi, Turkey in early May. We met up with the EMU Greece & Turkey Cross-cultural group in Athens, Greece and then switched our mode of transportation to bicycle.

Eastern Europe (Early May - July 20)

We are traveling with Kurt Rosenberger via bicycle through Eastern Europe from Athens, Greece Frankfurt (Eric) & Berlin (Dave & Kurt), Germany

Asia (July 25 - the end)

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
We will then be flying to Dehli, India on July 25th. Our plan is to spent 1-2 months in India, 1 month trekking in Nepal, and then fly to Bangkok and explore Southeastern Asia for another month.

South Pacific (...postponed)

We have decided to make Australia and New Zealand a separate tirp in the future.

David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July 4, 2005