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Central America: Belize

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Daily Itinerary - 11.16-11.20:

11.16.04 - Woke up at 5am to get a bus up to Tikal. spent the morning exploring the park and climbing the ruins. A cloudy day with very few other tourists. Around noon, got ride back to El Ramate, packed up our stuff, and caught a bus towards Belize. Crossed over with no problems, and walked across to Benque Viejo. Tried to hitchike with some local school kids, but then decided to get a bus to Belmopan because of darkness. Got another bus to Dangriga. Friendly man on bus helped us find Noah and Loretta Hochstetler's house, right along the ocean. A very busy and noisy house, we ended up sleeping on floor downstairs. Didn't exhausting day.

11.17.04 - Woke up and chatted over breakfast with the Hochstetlers. Did laundry, hung out at house in the morning. Afternoon Dave took a bus up to Blue Hole. Eric walked around town, caught up on journals, and ran errands with Noah. Dinner of fried fish and flapjacks. Walked around town, drum circle with guys on street

11.18.04 - Computer work here at the house in the morning, for the Afternoon Eric went to Blue Hole (had some adventures with bus breakdowns and getting picked up on the way back) and Dave spent the afternoon wandering around Dandriga. Dave spent some time with Jesuit volunteers, and then walked around the town and and waited for Eric to get back. In the evening, we went out and got a taste of the holiday festivities, grabbing some food and a half gallon of chocolate milk, live music, a lot of people drinking, and back for a fairly early bedtime.

11.19.04 - We woke up to watch the boats come in for Garifuna day, and then went back to the house for breakfast and to get caught up with journaling, laundry, and Internet work. Afternoon went out with Jesuit people and found some traditional food (Hudut) and wandered around town. Dinner back at the house.

11.20.04 - Woke up early to get over to the boat at 8am, left for Honduras at 11am, arrived around 2pm.


David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004