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Central America: El Salvador

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Daily Itinerary: 11.25-27:

11.25.04 - Spent Thanksgiving Day on buses (8.5 hours). Sergio picked us up at 6AM and drove us to San Pedro Sula, where he treated us to breakfast before taking us to the bus station. We got a bus to Santa rosa de Copan, where we switched to another that went to the El Salvador border. Crossed at El Poy in mid-afternoon, and got a direct bus to San Salvador. Arrived at 6pm, walked through shady part of town (lots of funeral homes) until we stumbled into a row of hostels. Found a cheap one, then went out to explore a bit and had some papusas. Returned back exhausted and ready for bed.

11.26.04 - After a restless and noisy night of sleep, we got up and explored the center of San Salvador. Checked bus schedules, visited several churches (including the one where Oscar Romero is buried), and ate papusas once again...5 each this time. Spent the afternoon catching up on website, Internet work, and also burned backup CD's of our pictures. Caught a bus down the Pan-Am to San Miguel, where we found a cheap hotel.

11.27.04 - Got up early and walked around San Miguel for a bit and ate breakfast at the plaza. Then caught the first of several buses to the Honduras border. First was to Santa Rosa de Lima, where Eric was almost pickpocketed. Another bus to El Amatillo, where we crossed with no problems. Got a direct bus to Tegucigalpa, where we found a hostel near Iglesia de Dolores. Walked up to Jesus statue on the hill (El Pichacho) via windy roads, a woman's backyard, over rocks, and climbed a fence. Enjoyed a nice view of the city, and then got a free ride down to center of town. Explored downtown for a while and returned back to hostel.


David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004