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Central America: Guatemala

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Daily Itinerary:11.1-11.16

11.1.04 - Crossed into Guatemala with no problems. After several different bus connections (jumping out back of moving bus), finally arrived in Matazenango. Found a tqxi driver who took us to house of Janine Bergey, bus she wasn't there. Left bags at house, walked around town, tried to call Janine, ate bananas/pound cake, internet cafe, got free ride with local girls, surprised Janine, overnight at Janine's host parents.

11.2.04 - Spent morning writing, reading, relaxing. Went into Mazate with Janine, walked to park, visited church, returned to house to hang out, walked to the church/school where Janine teaches. Did computer stuff at church, hung out at radio station, and walked back to house. Ate supper and watched election results on TV.

11.3.04 - Woke up and planned to hike Santa Maria volcano. Found out at about protests blocking road and went to internet cafe. Decided to go to Guatemala City instead, to visit Elaine Maust. Ate lunch with janine and friends, hung out back at house, and then caught bus for Guatemala City in the evening. Standing for 3 hours on crowded bus, got taxi to Marriot, and ate delicious meal with Elaine. We got a taxi for hostel across town and stayed overnight at Pension Meza.

11.4.04 - Explored center of Guatemela City, traveled across town to visit Semilla/CASAS. Received tour, ate lunch with Patti King, and talked with staff there. Got bus for Antigua, and arrived later afternoon. Found hostel, explored town, got groceries, and made dinner. Relaxed and wrote in the evening. Overnight at Posada El Refugio.

11.5.04 - Early start, explored markets in the morning, got to Panachel with 4 bus connections, ferried across Lake Atitlan on a motorboat, met Jack (Zimbabwe) who directed us to a cheap hostel and his "Arte Libre" cafe/hangout in the town of San Pedro. Explored the town, walked along the lakeside, made dinner (chicken corn soup), went out restaurant to hang out with language students

11.6.04 - Explored San Pedro, went to the markets, lunch at Arte Libre, dropped off gear, started hiking volcano at noon, arrived around 4pm, Eric had some knee problems, set up camp on crater and hung out for a while, as it got dark the lightning began, we decided to hike down half the mountain at camp at the platform

11.7.04 - Woke up for the sunrise, hiked down the volcano, got our gear, headed towards Huehuetenango to meet Arlen King's Group, met 35 Canadians, traveled to San Pedro Necta, parades, dinner, settling in, church service, slept on roof

11.8.04 - Eric worked construction, Dave in the health clinic, dinner, sharing/worship time with Canadiens, writing and playing guitar, hung out with translators and sang worship songs until bed

11.9.04 - Eric worked with the construction team, Dave helped in the health clinic and got to translate. Eric played soccer with kids outside on street. Had dinner and sharing time, then attended a lengthy church service. Dave played guitar for impromptu praise team that sang a song during service. Hung out for a bit before going to bed.

11.10.04 - We both spent the day helping at the health clinic. Most of our time was spent taking vitals, giving worm meds, and discussing symptoms with the patients. Lots of Spanish practice. After dinner, we went down to center of town and played gringo vs. guatemalan frisbee. Hung out with local children and went to bed late.

11.11.04 - Dave worked in clinic and Eric down at construction site. After dinner, found local store that has internet - 1Q/minute...very expensive and very slow. Came back to school and hung out, did some writing, went for a walk, late night

11.12.04 - Eric worked at construction site and Dave in clinic, after dinner there an evangelism event in the square, they showed "Passion of the Christ", Dave played guitar for a song, very late night

11.13.04 - Last day in San Pedro Necta, we both worked in the clinic in the morning, lunch, said quick goodbyes and left around 3pm for San Lucas with Arlen King and his son Asher, dinner at Pollo restaurant, stayed in Mission Ventures guesthouse overnight

11.14.04 - Traveled to Guatemala City, caught a bus to Coban, visited San Pedro Carcha, found minibus north towards Sayaxche. Arrived in Raxruja (halfway there) in early evening and were told that there are no more buses out today... Got a fairly cheap hotel room with strange men wandering around all night. Dave felt sick most of the day.

11.15.04 - Dave woke up still not feeling quite right. Got an early bus to Sayaxche. Took a small boat across the river at Sayaxche, and found an uncomfortable minibus that took us on dirt roads to Flores. Caught up on internet at a speedy cafe, Eric got ripped off on a cheeseburger. Late afternoon got a ride with someone heading towards Tikal. Dropped off in El Ramate, where we camped out at El Paraiso, a hillside hotel with a nice view of the lake and friendly owner.

11.16.04 - Woke up at 5am to get a bus up to Tikal. spent the morning exploring the park and climbing the ruins. A cloudy day with very few other tourists. Around noon, got ride back to El Ramate, packed up our stuff, and caught a bus towards Belize.

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David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004