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Central America: Honduras

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MAMA Project -

  • Proyecto MAMA -- San Pedro Sula Office
    Honduran Mennonite Church
    Iglesia Menonita Hondurena
    Mailing Address: Location:
    AP 340 1a. Calle 4 Ave. N.E.
    San Pedro Sula, No. 319 Bo. Barandillas
    Honduras, C.A. San Pedro Sula
    Phone: 011-504-557-9733
    Fax: 011-504-558-0286
  • MAMA Honduras -- San Francisco de Yojoa Office
    Nutrition Center and Mission House
    Mailing Address: Location:
    AP 2786 SPS San Francisco de Yojoa
    Honduras, C.A. Cortes
    Phone/Fax: 011-504-650-4142


Daily Itinerary: 11.20-25, 27-28

    11.20.04 - Woke up early to get over to the boat at 8am, left for Honduras at 11am, arrived around 2pm. Eric felt sick for most of the ride, met and talked with fellow travelers James and Jamie from Canada, caught a micro from Puerto Cortez to San Pedro Sula, contacted Sergio, ate chicken for dinner, got a ride up to San Francisco de Yojoa and spent the night in the guesthouse.

    11.21.04 - Woke up and took advantage of the quiet atmosphere...writing, devotions, etc. Met Sergio and received a tour of MAMA center, swarmed by kids. Vinio, who helps out with MAMA, took us to Lago de Yojoa, where we had an excellent fried Talapia dinner overlooking the lake. On the way back, we stopped for a swim at Catarata Pulhapanzak, a very nice park with a waterfall. Returned back to MAMA at San Francisco de Yojoa and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Eric went to church in the evening, Dave stayed back and played the keyboard for a while...

    11.22.04 - Spent the day working with Felix over at the MAMA Center. Scraped off the old peeling paint from the cottages and put on a new coat around the windows and doors. After dinner, we returned back to guesthouse and did some journaling, keyboard, reading, etc. Went to bed early.

    11.23.04 - Spent the day with Vinio, Felix, and Elena visiting some small mountain villages. Went to several houses, weighed the kids, and encouraged the mother to bring them to the Center. Several seemed interested, but no one came back with us. When we returned, we played with the kids for a bit before going down to town to use Internet. Came back, had dinner, and retired to another evening at the guesthouse.

    11.24.04 - Went back over to the Center for one more day. Dave worked on compiling some pictures for MAMA, and also to post on the website. Eric scraped paint off the window frames, and we both finished painting the trim on the second house. In the late afternoon, we played with the kids for awhile, had dinner, and handed out some of our care package goodies to the kids. Came back to the guesthouse, did some writing, and got packed up to leave in the morning.

    11.25.04 - Spent Thanksgiving Day on buses (8.5 hours). Sergio picked us up at 6AM and drove us to San Pedro Sula, where he treated us to breakfast before taking us to the bus station. We got a bus to Santa rosa de Copan, where we switched to another that went to the El Salvador border.

    11.27.04 - Got up early and walked around San Miguel for a bit and ate breakfast at the plaza. Then caught the first of several buses to the Honduras border. First was to Santa Rosa de Lima, where Eric was almost pickpocketed. Another bus to El Amatillo, where we crossed with no problems. Got a direct bus to Tegucigalpa, where we found a hostel near Iglesia de Dolores. Walked up to Jesus statue on the hill (El Pichacho) via windy roads, a woman's backyard, over rocks, and climbed a fence. Enjoyed a nice view of the city, and then got a free ride down to center of town. Explored downtown for a while and returned back to hostel.

    11.28.04 - Did not sleep well...noisy hostel with yelling woman and loud soccer games on TV. Left in early morning for the Nicaraguan border, via a bus to Danli and another to Los Manos. Arrived at border crossing just as Tica Bus came through, and so we waited on immigration officials for close to an hour. Met Australian couple who is also traveling south through Central America. After crossing we got on a crowded bus to Managua, passing through beautiful countryside. Arrived in Managua in evening, haggled with taxi drivers, and eventually got to an ATM. Took buses to the Orozco's, where we stayed overnight at the Guesthouse with a group of Canadians.


David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004