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Central America: Nicaragua

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Daily Itinerary: 11.28-12.1:

11.28.04 - Did not sleep well...noisy hostel with yelling woman and loud soccer games on TV. Left in early morning for the Nicaraguan border, via a bus to Danli and another to Los Manos. Arrived at border crossing just as Tica Bus came through, and so we waited on immigration officials for close to an hour. Met Australian couple who is also traveling south through Central America. After crossing we got on a crowded bus to Managua, passing through beautiful countryside. Arrived in Managua in evening, haggled with taxi drivers, and eventually got to an ATM. Took buses to the Orozco's, where we stayed overnight at the Guesthouse with a group of Canadians.

11.29.04 - Did an early morning presentation at the Nicaraguan Christian Academy for grade 7-12 chapel. Talked with director and received a tour of campus. Came back to guesthouse, where we painted living room for the rest of the day. Ate dinner, did some planning, went over to the Orozco's, and then hung out with Canadian group.

11.30.04 - Slept in a bit and then went down the street to catch up on internet work. Went back to the school to meet with Mayker Bantz and Luke from the MANNA project, who took us out to the food program they were starting up. Then met Krista and Lyndon Bontrager, missionaries here with Rosedale Missions. They took us out shopping, back to the Mennonite Retreat Center, and made a delicious dinner. We then hung out at the Orozco's, said goodbyes, and stayed up late talking at the Guesthouse.

12.1.04 - Got up early and took a very cramped minibus to Granada. Walked around town, went down to the lake, checked internet, and had lunch. Got another bus to Rivas, where we transferred onto another that took us to Penas Blancas, on the Costa Rica border. No problems getting across border. Met American surfer and an English backpacker. Found out it was too late to get a bus to Upala, so we waited for a bus to Liberia, where we spent the night at a very nice hostel (cable TV!). Had a good chicken dinner and conversation at a restaurant by the bus station.


David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004