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Central America: Panama

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12.11.04 - Arrived in Panama City around 5AM, and tried to go to the Miraflores Locks along the canal. Ended up boarding the wrong bus, which took us in the direction of the airport. Decided to go straight to the airport, where we waited all morning until finally buying a last-minute noon ticket to Bogota on Avianca. Short, uneventful flight and entered Colombia with no problems. Got a taxi for Les and Curtis Books house, where we were warmly greeted and given a delicious meal. In the evening, met Carlos (EMU Spanish Conversation Patner) and his friends, who took us to a youth concert at local Brethern in Christ church, and met lots of friendly people. Came back to Books exhausted.


David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004