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South America: Uruguay

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1.29.05 - Got up and returned to internet cafe to finish up planning and contact work. Had one more lunch of hot dogs and chocolate/dulce de leche pie, before returning to internet cafe to buy Dave a new camera. Took subway back to microcentro, where we checked back at police station to see if there was any new reports about the robbery. Enjoyed another cheap pizza dinner, hung out at hostel for a bit, and then went to Retiro bus station for our overnight bus to Uruguay. Crossed border around 1am, and had to fork over 10 bucks to get Dave out of the country. Watched an incredible lightening storm from the bus window while drifting in and out of sleep.

1.30.05 - Arrived in Montevideo in the early morning, and spent a few hours waiting out the rain from inside the bus station. Around mid-morning, took a bus to a hostel near center of town. Hung out on our room for most of the day, catching up on sleep. Had lunch at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Walked around town for a bit before returning to hostel. Bought groceries for the next few days, had a small dinner, and took it easy all evening. Eric trimmed his beard into a nice moustache and Dave did some crocheting. Went to bed late.

1.31.05 - Woke up late to the sound of rain. Layed in bed for awhile before eventually getting up and doing some writing. Eric worked on journal entry and Dave crocheted for most of the afternoon. Spent a quick hour at an internet cafe, before returning back to a sardine and pasta dinner. Spent our last night in Latin America getting packed up.

2.1.05 - Ate a breakfast of bread and lots of hard-boiled eggs. Went to the bus station, spent the rest of our money on an hour of internet, and then went to airport. Arrived very early, so we checked in and waited several hours until our flight left. The plane left on schedule, and we arrived in Rio de Janeiro about two hours later. Refueled and added more passengers, then took off again an hour later. On flight throughout the night...

David P. Landis & Eric S. Kennel

July18, 2004